Why Dash vs. Bitcoin?.

As the Dash Direct Paywall enters its final testing phase, I’ve been looking over the decisions that got us to where we are today. One topic we considered was “Dash vs. Bitcoin?” While I’m admittedly a toddler in the growth and knowledge of cryptocurrencies, it seems like this should be a pretty easy topic…

Those of us already enjoying collaboration in the Dash Nation, are aware that Dash’s blockchain has much faster transaction times than Bitcoin.  For example on 11/6/17, Dash had a level average block time of 2.637 minute block time, compared to bitcoins volatile average 10.827 minute block time.

We see a huge difference on the same day with transaction costs.  The average transaction cost of Dash was just 0.19 USD vs 6.43 USD on the Bitcoin blockchain.  Those Bitcoin fees are more than what MasterCard and Visa charge is on a 200 USD purchase, where the merchant pays 3.2%  ($200*.032 = $6.40)!

If you’re not already a card carrying member of the dash nation, then you may not realize that the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) structure of Dash makes it the front runner in the quest for mass adoption of digital currency. The Dash DAO has a self funding treasury mechanism with a positive feedback loop that allows it to delegate a percent of mined coins to fund its own expansion. These Dash treasury proposal funds (approx. 2 million USD / month) have been distributed to Dash projects spanning the globe, from dash core team development and wallet implementations, to currency exchange integration. Other projects funded include an aero sports team sponsorship, a traveling circus, a youth STEM educationprogram, blockchain conferences and economic meetups in developing or unbanked countries.

In short, investing or earning Dash and donating to the Dash Direct basic income giving project adds to the positive feedback loop that creates wealth not only for miners, masternode owners, investors, and yourself, but for the future of a more balanced and just world economy.

Whatever brought you to digest this tidbit today, I hope you walk away with some curiosity about what the future of money can be, as well as an interest in doing your own research on digital currencies. I’m certain that with a bit of digging, you’ll find that the Dash Direct avenue of giving creates a better world for all and Dash is a far better choice than Bitcoin. 

We at DashDirect are grateful for your willingness to show your support through donations to the DashDirect secure paywall, or simply by spreading the word. Please visit us at our website, Facebook, and YouTube channel for more info on how you can make a difference with DashDirect. Share this post to spread the love. #go_dashdirect

By: Zachariah Knapp
I’m a volunteer who accepts Dash tips, thank you!


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