Dash Direct November Meeting Minutes

Team Meeting: November 4th, 2017

Current Status:

Active blog (3 authors)
5 production ready Gen2Paywalls (Details below)
QR donation integration complete
Live map for public facing “call for donations” (http://give.dashdirect.io)

Social media:
Facebook group
Youtube channel (more videos expected from future ground work)

30 surveys have been delivered and completed
17 households have been selected to receive basic income (BI)
Abdul full time on the project

Basic income – $40 usd per week for 104 weeks – (income)
Data – $19 usd per week for 104 weeks – (free WiFi for participants)
Media – $15 usd on-demand – (video production)
Condom – $40 usd on-demand – (free to anyone in the store)
Phone – $120 usd on-demand – (smartphones purchases)

Work in Progress:

Final editing of all Paywall / Buy Dash link content
Evaluate UI/UX for desktop and mobile
Evaluate need for FB Page as well as current FB Group
Twitter and Steemit

Review server setup/operations with coingun
Find python developer backup for the team

Phone staging/wallet setup
Household project acceptance notification / phone delivery
Dash Education and financial counseling
Free WiFi router setup
Basic need item stocking / pricing
Currency exchange setup (Dash <> Cedi)
Weekly surveys
* Future TC-Champ goal management of 4 groups of 17 households

BI target launch (first 17 households) November 25th / Go-no-go decision on November 20th

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