Our current road map…

At DashDirect, we have three avenues in which you can donate your Dash: the Basic Income Paywall, the Phone Paywall, and the Media Paywall. When you donate to the Basic Income Paywall, your Dash will go directly into the secure Dash wallets of households in Ghana. Since DashDirect has no overhead costs, all but the small transaction fee (less than one cent) is directly given. The Phone Paywall allows you to donate toward purchasing smartphones, which will be given to the households so they can receive and spend Dash. If you give to the Media Paywall, those funds will go toward creating short videos about the project. The idea behind this setup is that it’s a little bit like shopping with your donations; you can choose which Paywalls are most important to you and give Dash directly to that cause.

Think of each Paywall like a bucket: people donate small or large amounts into buckets. When the bucket gets full, it gets emptied and opened up for more donations. For example, you donate $5 to the Phone Paywall, and someone else donates $20, so on and so forth until the bucket is filled. Once the donations for the Phone Paywall reach $120, the “bucket” is emptied and a phone can be purchased for a new household. For the Basic Income Paywall, each bucket can hold $40 per week; the Phone Paywall holds $120, and the Media Paywall holds $15.

Get ready to donate with DashDirect!

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