DashDirect’s Trusted Champion In Action

It’s a comfortable 78 degrees as the sun rises to greet the city of Tamale, Ghana. DashDirect Trusted Champion Abdul Salam Mahamadu, is readying himself for a short journey that will have a long lasting impact on his neighbors, and his global Dash community. This Sunday, October 22nd 2017, Abdul began planting the seeds of change in northern Ghana, the DashDirect surveys, that serve in the selection of 17 households to receive a basic income from the DashDirect Secure Paywall for 104 weeks.   Our goal this week is to deliver 32 surveys spread throughout three communities.

As the day warms, Abdul will guide his motorcycle from the bustling town center of Tamale to the farming villages of Savelugu and Kumbungu. He will meet with households that local Assemblymen, the leaders who are most intimate with their communities, have diagnosed as those who need help to escape the cycle of extreme poverty in northern Ghana.

From the busy markets, mosques, and churches of Tamale, Abdul’s motorcycle will take him through a fertile countryside to the small farming communities where men, women and children toil to harvest the fruits of this season’s labor. While many of us live in a global “truck to shelf” economy, the residents of Savelugu, Kumbungu, and surrounding villages have only a small plot of land and their family to labor in the fields with. A truck that brings produce to market is beyond many resident’s dreams. There are no grain silos or temperature controlled warehouses to store their harvest. As a result, small farmers have no choice but to sell their food locally at a substantially lower price than they could fetch in the Tamale markets. In turn men buy the harvest, and either haul it away to fetch an immediate profit in the city, or store it until times of famine, and sell it back to farmers at an inflated rate. A basic income from your DashDirect donations grant these farmers freedom from the poor business choices that are a consequence of desperation.

Those who participate in DashDirect giving are forging the tangible reality of a better world with every donation. Please visit us at our website, Facebook page and YouTube channel for more info on how you can make a difference with DashDirect. Share this post to spread the love. #go_dashdirect

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