DashDirect Surveys Are Ready

As we move forward, the DashDirect team has finalized our survey and our first Trusted Champion, Abdul Salam Mahamadu (known to the Dash Nation as cryptolib), will soon begin another key component of the DashDirect mission. Abdul will be investing time by traveling between villages in northern Ghana to talk about Dash and promote its use. During this time, he will administer the DashDirect survey to households living below the international extreme poverty line. Once SurveyMonkey.com has compiled the input data, DashDirect Trusted Admin will choose the first 17 households to receive a smartphone with a secure Dash wallet and a weekly peer to peer basic income payment from donations to the DashDirect secure paywall.

We’ve compiled 13 questions that identify what households will benefit most from a regular basic income payment. The survey is designed to collect information about how each household currently earns income and how it is used. We will receive data on the number of household members, their daily diet, and how income is spent beyond dietary needs. We will collect information regarding infants and access to birth control. Information on their access to transportation and internet accessibility will be a selection factor. Most importantly, we will address how each recipient feels about the happiness level of their household.  

Throughout the two year period of secured Dash basic income donations, recipients will retake the survey weekly to show how your direct giving impacts their lives. Your donations can also fund separate on-demand videos to show everyone how Dash and direct giving is changing the world.

We at DashDirect are grateful for your willingness to show your support through donations to the DashDirect secure paywall, or simply by spreading the word. Please visit us at our website, Facebook, and YouTube channel for more info on how you can make a difference with DashDirect. Share this post to spread the love. #go_dashdirect


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