Direct Giving – the Biggest Bang for Your Charitable Buck

Charity, “the love of humankind,” is how we work to forge a better global community. We believe that giving through the DashDirect Paywall is the most effective way to contribute to a better world. DashDirect allows recipients to manage their own finances and choose investments to benefit individuals in need through direct giving. Better yet, it does this with very little of the administrative costs that must be accounted for with traditional charities. Without DashDirect’s secure peer-to-peer giving Paywall Technology, even the most efficient organizations use a significant portion of their donations to cover administrative expenses. Below is a sample from Charity Navigator, the benchmark in measuring the effectiveness of charitable organizations.

Doctors Without Boarders 990s IRS Tax Filing

With DashDirect giving, the slight cost of the Dash transaction is our only overhead. At the time of this publishing, the cost would be ~2 cents, or 0.002 Dash per transaction. This means that on a 40 usd or 0.13 Dash donation 99.95% goes directly into recipients’ Dash wallets. This key benefit to DashDirect giving, the Dash mobile wallet, provides a secure place for rural residents to store their funds. For many, it can be a full day’s journey to reach a trusted bank, costing both time and transportation expenses.

Donating through DashDirect also supports our Trusted Community Champions’ storefronts where recipients have access to free WiFi, basic needs items, and long term financial guidance. Our DashDirect Trusted Champions create Dash micro-economies for households to exchange, grow, and build long term financial skills needed to sustain the security that all humans require to grow as individuals and contribute to society.

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