The Power of the DashDirect Story: 17 phones in 17 minutes

I can’t begin to say what an amazing community exists in the Dash network. Only seventeen minutes after announcing the work of DashDirect and its first Trusted Community Champion, Abdul (aka cryptolib) . A generous community member donated the funding to pay for all seventeen phones that will be used to distribute basic income to households in northern Ghana. The smartphones will be given to households living in extreme poverty(1), and will host the Android Dash Wallet (2) for others to directly donate funds for a basic living wage. We at DashDirect cannot express enough gratitude to all in the Dash Community who are helping to shape a better world through their hard work and generosity!

Visit us at our website, facebook, and youtube channel for more updates, and again, so many in Ghana are so grateful for DashDirect’s work and kindness. Share this post to spread the ! #go_dashdirect


(1) “extreme poverty” widely refers to earning below the international poverty line of $1.25/day ($456.25/yr) (in 2005 prices)

(2) Other Dash Wallets can be found here. Get Dashy today!

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