DashDirect is Launching in Northern Ghana

DashDirect is proud to announce our first Trusted Champion Abdul Salam Mahamadu, known to the Dash chat as Cryptolib. Abdul has been an active investor and promoter of Dash for over a year now, and is committed to helping bring financial freedom to his homeland of Ghana.

Abdul will be using the funds secured from generous private donations to help us setup 17 households securely with their first Dash wallet on a smartphone. He will help them process 10 micro transactions so that they can confidently use their wallets, and stress the importance of keeping their recovery phrase secure and privately located offline.

The program will use a brief survey to identify homes of 4-5 people and will give the household a basic living wage donation equivalent to $40 usd for a period of 104 weeks or 2 years. Not only will this help with basic needs like food, clothing, and transportation, but it will be a tool for financial education. Abdul holds a Bsc. in accounting and finance, and will be working directly with recipients to help them use their basic income to better their future through smart investments. One family may want to buy a young sheep that can be sold for a profit when it matures. Another may choose to invest in equipment to increase farm yields.

In addition to funding and education, Abdul will run a small market where basic need items can be purchased for Dash, Dash-to-fiat & fiat-to-Dash exchanges can be made, and free WiFi will be available for transactions and communications on each household’s smartphone. This in itself opens a vast world of possibilities to people who have previously had little or no access to the wealth of information that is now at our fingertips.

Each participant will be re-submitting the initial ten question survey throughout the 104 week period, helping track the difference that Dash is making in their life. Please continue to follow the DashDirect Basic Income project on our website, Facebook and YouTube channel, as it’s sure to be an exciting ride! Next post… Coming soon.

Here is the link to view the agreement that has been set for Abdul as a member of the DashDirect Team. 

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