Hello world we are alive!

Today was a big day for us… We built this site out, added a blogger to the team and confirmed our first Trusted Community Champion (TC-Champ)!  He is located in Ghana and has agreed to support 17  households with ~40 usd / week in Dash for 2 years.  He also plans to create a storefront where basic needs items will be exchangeable for Dash.  This will allow those receiving basic income to get basic need items conveniently, as the storefront will provide free WiFi for transacting through the Dash phone wallet.  The storefront location is city center and will also exchange Dash to Rand and back.  Lots more news coming, we have a next generation Dash Paywall due out soon and we hope to have payments flowing through it by the end of the month!  Stay tuned and follow us here, on Facebook and subscribe to our YouTube Channel!

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